A detached guesthouse on a 7-acre parcel in Malibu containing a single-family residence located on a bluff with expansive views of the Pacific. Steep terrain, strict construction guidelines, and the desire to preserve existing views dictated the location of the new structure. The guesthouse is situated away from the main residence and in close proximity to a beach access path. A single concreted band is folded six times to form a continuous loop that defines three distinct spaces: a lower level featuring a bedroom, bathroom, and storage; a double height atrium/stairwell; and an upper level containing public spaces. The upper level is rotated to offer views of the Pacific, creating a deck and carport while also producing the seventh fold.

Status:          Design: 2008
Program:      Residential - New Construction
Size:              1,300 ft² / 121 m²

Project Team: Valéry Augustin, Bryn Garrett, Lauren Matchison, Alisa May